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Opening Time    Wednesday to Saturday : BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

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Dallasciet Harper Mack

Certified Trichologist, Founder

The health of your hair begins with your scalp. We use quality salon-grade professional products to create the perfect pH for a healthy hair oasis.

Hair Loss Help Begins Here

Tri Experts Hair Center services an exclusive appointment only clientele. We focus on a few pivotal  things. Your healthy hair goals, practices, and resources to get you where your hair needs to be. While the salon aspect of our establishment has licensed cosmetologists to service new hairstyling clients;  we specialize in seeing clients with diagnosed/undiagnosed hair and scalp disorders to begin the scalp back to life.



One on One
Exclusivity and Personalized
Hair Recovery Programs

In our Hair Center we offer client privacy because we understand the sensitivity of you problematic hair issues. We hear you and we'll work together to find your best solutions.

There isn't a one size fits all solution. Allow us to create a recovery and action plan to rebuild your hair and scalp today. 

In-Center and At-Home Treatment Options

Being committed to our in-center treatments are important; but, what you do at home are just as important as our in-center protocols.


We offer tiered programs for  your monthly at-home maintenance. Your monthly protocols will include shampoo, conditioner, and your additional therapies suggested.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Have you been diagnosed with permanent hair loss or alopecia condition, call us. Our non-surgical hair replacement units are customizable or stock options. Insurance reimbursement for those who qualify. Veteran units can be covered up to 100%. 



The health of your hair begins with your scalp. We use quality salon-grade professional products to create the perfect pH for a healthy hair oasis.


Who Should You See?

Cosmetologist, Trichologist, or Dermatologist ?

We are presented with so many "hair loss fixes" it's hard to know who you should see or what you should do while experiencing hair loss. There's a choice to be made between visiting your licensed cosmetologist, trichologist, or dermatologist. Trichology is the paramedical, scientific study of disorders of the hair and scalp, including anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and the chemical and physical makeup of the hair and skin.  The hair and scalp can be affected by imbalances inside the body and trichologists look at the hair, scalp, and systems of the body as one. A trichologist can help get to the underlying cause of your problem. Trichologists address the issue as a whole and examine a person’s diet, lifestyle, personal hygiene, hair care practices, nutrition, medical history, and genetics to see what contributes to the hair or scalp disorder.”

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