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Looking for a luxurious and private shampoo experience? Book a session in our exclusive shampoo lounge today! Or, become a member and enjoy unlimited access to our premium services. Click the link below to get started.

You Deserve the
Best Treatment 

"It's A Beautiful Day To Save Your Hair

Customized Head Spa Treatments 

During your private visit into our Shampoo Lounge, you will be assessed with our advanced GSR technology with our trained experts will deliver a custom 2-3Part Service to include;

  • Customized Scalp+Hair Detoxifying Solution

  • Custom Aromatherapy Treatment During Hair Treatment

  • Custom Follow Up Protocol

  • VIP Subscription available (10%-20% off service and 10% off Triage Hair Repair Systems, priority booking availability.


What's "The Shampoo Lounge" Experience?

  • Choice of full body massage while enjoying heads treatment.

  • Optional light therapy for hair and scalp solutions

  • Keep a routine regimen to encourage healthy, happy hair

  • You may click the button "BOOK MY EXPERIENCE"

Luxury Spa

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