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2:00 PM

The BIG talk: Hair Loss Uncensored

We have all these answers to these questions and more. This session will include a host of information with knowledgable speakers to help awareness of hair loss. This session will also include proper wig wear and maintenance, caring for existing natural hair, how our health-mental and physical- affects our hair. Learn how making changes today to can benefit tomorrow. Check out the panelist and speakers we have for this event and more.

12:00 PM

Intro To Offering Hair Loss Services

This session is ideal for any industry professional interested in offering advance hair and scalp services in your business.While "trichology" has become a trendy topic, more consumers need more help with their hair and scalp issues everyday. It's very easy to be confused about all the options and which ones will really help you implement which course is right for you. Start here.

Lascie Haper Flyer Design3.png
Lascie Haper Flyer Design.png

11:00 AM

Salon Fair

The only salon hiring event to connect beauty establishment owners with beauty pros looking for a professional work space.

Who's invited?

Braiders, MUA's, Lash + Brow Techs, Natural Hair Stylist,  Wig Technicians, Licensed Estheticians

Licensed Nail Techs

Licensed Cosmetologist

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