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Dallasciet Harper

WTS Certified Trichologist, Founder


TriExperts Hair Center services an exclusive appointment only clientele. We focus on a few pivotal  things. Your healthy hair goals, practices, and resources to get you where your hair needs to be. While the salon aspect of our establishment has licensed cosmetologists to service new hairstyling clients;  we specialize in seeing clients with diagnosed/undiagnosed hair and scalp disorders to begin the scalp back to life. 

Since 2007 the TriExperts mission has been to be a different type of salon, for an unserviced type of clientele. Now, we are excited to be the premier hair clinic in the Jackson, Mississippi  Metro Area. We hope to meet and service you soon. 


-Dallasciet Harper, Certified Trichologist


McRendy Walsh

"MC" is a hairstylist here at TriExperts. She is a licensed cosmetologist and barber with 4+ years of experience. Her specialties include weaving, coloring, and natural hair presses/styling. 


Ashley Cowards

Ashley is your go-to person for all things "TriExperts". As a recent cosmetology graduate, Ashley is your first point of contact and Hair Center guide. There is no question she cannot answer for you! 

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