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TriExperts Hair Center Specialty Services

Let's Talk Hair!

One on One

Exclusivity and Personalized Hair Recovery Programs

In our Hair Center we offer client privacy because we understand the sensitivity of you problematic hair issues. We hear you and we'll work together to find your best solutions.

There isn't a one size fits all solution. Allow us to create a recovery and action plan to rebuild your hair and scalp today. 

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In-Center and At-Home Treatment Options

Being committed to our in-center treatments are important; but, what you do at home are just as important as our in-center protocols. We offer tiered programs for  your monthly at-home maintenance. Some of your monthly protocols will include shampoo, conditioner, and your additional therapies suggested.

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Have you been diagnosed with permanent hair loss or alopecia condition, call us. Our non-surgical hair replacement units are customizable or stock options. Insurance reimbursement for those who qualify. Veteran units can be covered up to 100%. 

What Our Clients Say

"I started to lose my hair back in April 2010. From that year on it has been a struggle to see any growth. For July to October I can honestly say I am starting to see growth. Thank you TriExperts!" 

C. Wolfe

Hair loss client

"I would like to thank TriExperts for giving me hope and a solution. I didn't know what as going on with my hair. My hair situation turned around and I have re-gained my hair as I followed my protocols and treatments." 

C. Henderson

Hair Recovered Client

"Hair replacement is the only option to keep thick hair for the top. All men in my family are bald in the top. My unit is my choice and my favorite option"

M. Bark

Hair Replacement Client

“The most effective hair re-growth begins with a conversation; not an oil."

-L. Harper Owens

Ready to start your hair re-growth journey?


 Why Trichology? Why a "Hair Center". We're living in a time where millions of women, men, and children are losing their hair at alarming rates. Cosmetology only scratched the surface of the services we as your hairstylist, barbers, nail techs, and estheticians needed to offer solutions to all the maladies we'd face here in 2020. Trichology empowers us to offer you a holistic, multi-therapeutic avenue to hair recovery. The sooner we can see you, the better our results. 

See you soon. 

-L. Harper Owens

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